Clearing Your Clogged Drains Fast!

24/7 Emergency ServiceTough clogs can slow you down and won’t get better in time. Blue Bear Plumbing clears the toughest obstructions, no matter if its located in a home or business. Clogged pipes hidden behind walls are not an issue with our team of experts.

Whether you have a clogged kitchen, bathroom, tub, toilet, or utility sink, we use the latest equipment to locate the pipe behind any wall, find the obstruction and clear it fast. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or for 24/7 emergency service!

Residential and Commercial Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning Services in Boston, MASkip the useless and caustic retail drain cleaners. We have the drain plumbing equipment to clear clogs in sinks, toilets, shower drains and more. We also clear main drain lines for your home or business. First, your technician locates the problem via a camera and video inspection. We then use high-pressure water jetting to force dirt, debris, and other blockages from your pipes and systems.

Our preventive drain cleaning maintenance service will also keep your plumbing system in the clear. Let our team tackle the issue.

Call Us Before You Buy a Property

If you are looking at potential real estate, give us a call before you sign a contract. Our drain and plumbing inspection services will find any problem with your indoor and outdoor pipes or sewer system.

Likewise, if you are selling your home – give us a call and we’ll make sure your plumbing system is in working order.

  • We’ll Find the Problem
  • Excessive buildup from food or grease in kitchen drain lines
  • Shower and tub backups due to hair or soap buildup
  • Washer line backups
  • Clogged outdoor and parking garage drains from a buildup of debris, gravel, and dirt
  • Tree root obstruction
  • Flushing non-biodegradable materials in toilets
  • Backups in kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room sinks
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If you have a plumbing issue, we’ll be there to provide quick and convenient assistance. Call to request drain cleaning service!