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"Tim got here and was GREAT! He knew what needed to be done, and he fixed the problem, got us up and running in no time. I would definitely call these guys again when we need them! Thank you Tim!!"

- Barbara Forde Google Icon

"Eric and Chris were so respectful. They helped my husband and I with our issue, and also detected some major red flags that we had no idea. Saved my family from toxic water, I am so pleased with this company. They were also respectful opening and closing my doors since my dogs were following them everywhere trying to play with them. Thank you guys!! Five stars ⭐️ highly recommend"

- Shaina Moccio Google Icon

"Hooked up water filtration, pipe repair, and whole home HVAC (heat pump). Great service, and added a ton of value to the home. Highly recommended. Thomas also went above and beyond to make sure everything was done to a high standard."

- Rob Ramos Google Icon

"Peter was great! Very professional, offered very helpful information and tips for care. Above and beyond service."

- Kevin Devin Google Icon

"Blue Bear did a terrific job installing my central air in my home and ductless mini splits in my guest unit. They were very professional and got the job done in two days and it was a big job! 😊 glad I have a long warranty with their products. I would absolutely consider this company over others."

- Cathy Google Icon

"Chad was very professional, upstanding and courteous with a great attitude. He understood our situation and offered us a few options. He took his time to explain and did a awesome job. Bought service plan we were so impressed with Chad."

- Warren Morse Google Icon

"Josh was great. It was a pleasure to have him here. He fixed our problem and went above and beyond to explain everything to us. I’d recommend highly"

- Andrew OToole. Google Icon