Are you considering replacing your old AC unit with ductless mini-splits in Boston, MA? It’s a wise choice! At Blue Bear Home Services, we are installing more and more of these versatile ductless systems and helping homeowners to discover the freedom they offer. With ductless air conditioners, you can enjoy personalized cooling throughout your home. The way it works is simple. You choose where to have your AC units installed. You could have one in the bedroom, one in your main living area, and one in your kitchen, for example. This effectively splits your home into cooling zones as each unit has its own controls. Don’t need cooling in the bedroom while you’re not in there? Simply turn it off. Need it cooler in the kitchen than in the living room? You’re in control. Our team can tell you more about the many benefits of these systems if you call us today.

Blue Bear Home Services also installs ductless systems in: