Schedule regular drain cleaning in Hanover, MA to keep your plumbing in excellent condition, to prevent costly repairs, and to avoid having to deal with water damage of any kind. Large clogs can place a tremendous amount of pressure on the pipes, causing them to burst. If this happens, a plumber is not the only professional that you’re going to need to call.

A clogged drain could be due to soap scum accumulation, mineral buildup, presence of small objects and items, food waste and more. If you are not mindful of what you toss down the drain, the risk of it clogging will increase exponentially. Positive lifestyle changes can help keep your drains in better shape and condition. Once we’ve removed the clog, we’ll also help you figure out what to do with the culprits. For example, if the clog is due to mineral buildup from hard water, we might recommend that you install a water softener.