We know how cold the winter months can get in the Boston, MA, area, and if you’ve made the choice to invest in a brand-new furnace, you want to be confident that it’s working as well as possible. A new furnace can be an extremely smart purchase for your household, but only if you also put in the effort to take proper care of it. A furnace that isn’t consistently cared for will need repairs more often, waste more energy, and do a poorer job of heating your home. However, if you do commit yourself to take good care of your new heating appliance, it can have a very positive impact on your home. You’re probably wondering how exactly you can be a responsible homeowner and get the best results from your new furnace. Fortunately, there are a few relatively simple steps you can take to keep everything running smoothly.

Keep Up With Regular Maintenance

One of the most beneficial things you can possibly do for your brand-new furnace is to get it checked regularly by professionals. A furnace has many different working components, each with its own specific function. As the components work together to heat your house, wear and tear occur naturally, especially during the cold winter months when the furnace has to do the most work. To make sure that these components all continue working correctly, and to ensure that any potential problem gets caught ahead of time, work with a furnace expert that offers comprehensive maintenance services.

At Blue Bear Home Services, we have a team of trained professionals that are available to provide these maintenance services in the greater Boston area. It is recommended that homeowners schedule one of these check-ups at least once a year. These professional tune-ups will not only lower the odds of a major problem or breakdown but will also keep the furnace running efficiently in terms of energy usage. This is a step in furnace care that you definitely don’t want to skip.

Keep Everything Clean

When you’re caring for a new furnace, it’s an excellent idea to set aside a day, or at least a few hours, once a month for cleaning. Specifically, there are a few different spots or surfaces that you want to make sure are free of dirt, dust, and other debris:

  • Furnace air filter
  • Any vents around the house
  • The area around the furnace
  • The furnace itself

Each of these is an important step in the monthly cleaning process, and each has an important reason. The air filter is perhaps the most important of all of them due to the fact that it can cause some real problems if it gets clogged up with dust or debris. A furnace with a clogged air filter has to work much harder, is more prone to problems, and wastes more energy. If your filter seems to be too dirty to clean effectively, consider purchasing a replacement.

Cleaning the vents around your home is important for similar reasons. Your new furnace relies on them being clear for airflow, and if they get clogged or too dirty, it can make things much harder on your heating system. To be extra thorough, it’s a good idea to take the vent covers off and vacuum within.

You may be confused about why it’s also important to clean the space directly around your furnace. On top of the fact that having too many objects near the furnace can be a fire hazard, it can also cause efficiency problems. If too many objects are obstructing the area, the furnace will not be able to circulate air as easily, which will force it to work harder.

Lastly, you don’t want to skip the cleaning of the actual furnace itself. On a monthly basis, take the time to remove the appliance’s access panels, and use the vacuum extension to take care of anything that has accumulated inside. This, along with all of the other cleaning that you include in your routine, will go a long way towards keeping the furnace performing at its best.

Find Alternate Ways to Stay Warm

Obviously, you want to be able to rely on your brand-new furnace to do a good job of heating your home. However, the more stress you can take off of the appliance, the more effectively it’s going to be able to do its job. There are a few things you can consider to keep your home a little warmer so that there isn’t quite so much pressure on your furnace.

The most obvious one is to simply dress a little bit warmer inside your house. If you don’t mind throwing on a sweater and turning down the thermostat a little bit, it can increase your furnace’s lifespan and even save you some money on monthly bills. Another option is to turn the thermostat down a bit when you go to sleep. When you’re under the covers, you most likely don’t need the home to be quite as warm. By lowering the thermostat seven to 10 degrees Fahrenheit before you get in bed, you can save up to 10% per year on your heating bills and keep your furnace running smoothly.

Consider a Humidifier

During the chilly Boston winter, you may notice that the air in your home becomes dry, and it may even irritate your skin or your throat. What you may not know, though, is that because the air is so dry, it’s actually making your home feel even colder than it really is. Having a higher humidity level in the house can allow the air to transfer heat more effectively, which will reduce your need to crank up the thermostat. A higher humidity level has also been shown to be good for wood floors and furniture as well as having several health benefits. Overall, humidifiers can be a very good investment to complement the purchase of your new furnace.

Even with professionals that offer affordable prices like Blue Bear Home Services, a brand-new furnace is a somewhat expensive investment. When you’re putting that much money into an appliance, it would be silly and unwise to not put effort into getting the absolute most out of it. Our team of heating professionals is always available to help you with anything related to keeping your furnace in top working condition, including regular maintenance and any necessary repairs. In addition to our furnace services, we also offer high-quality, affordable work on both plumbing and air conditioning systems for both residential and commercial customers.

If you find yourself in need of professional assistance with any of your HVAC or plumbing appliances, don’t wait around for a small problem to turn into a major one. When it comes to keeping everything running properly to keep your household functioning, it’s always wise to have a proactive approach. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our reliable experts.

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